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We are pleased  to announce that Ben clement is holding a solo photography show in our store  launching on the  9th of november as part of the independent photography festival

His upcoming show 'something for nothing reflects the core of Ben’s view both through the lens and in life.

“Always starting from the bottom or with an empty slate, making use of what is around me and what is available to me, working within my means and trusting my eye and curious outlook.”

Hope ya'll can make it down.


368 smith st



9th -30th of november








October 29, 2013

New spares tee's and tote bags

We've  just done a run of original shop wreckers tee's and tote bags.

Tee's are available in black and white and are $39.95.

Tote bags come free with all purchases over $100.00 instore only.

Big up ya shelves.



October 10, 2013

Sneeze mag issue 20

We are stoked to be carrying sneeze mag outta New york instore.

"SNEEZE looks to expand the street-inspired culture of skateboarding to unexpected references, places and images. The magazine is an authentic guide to modern street culture and lifestyles."

"SNEEZE is a poster size, less-is-more, full-color, no binding, soft-fold publication. With a page size this large, full-bleed images and ads become posters/art for our readers’ walls. Each turn of the page is unpretentious, honest source of surprise."

October 10, 2013

Sneaker freaker big kahuna swap meet

We are having a stall at the sneaker freaker big kahuna swap meet this weekend in port melbourne.

Winter stock going  at cray cray prices tee's $30 or two for $50,everything else 50% off.

Get down.


October 08, 2013

Good worth &co

We are happy to introduce Good worth & co from California to our list of brands.

They make a rad range of keys,pins,bottle openers and key chains that are inspired by the things they are into including ladies,booze and other vices.

These keys are super handy for anybody who has fumbled around in the dark in the wee hours of the morn trying to find the right key.

Basically this shit is super cheap and super dope great little presents for people.

keys retail at $12

Get involved available instore now.




August 27, 2013

Ebbets field flannels

We are now carrying a nice selection of Ebbets field flannels headwear instore.

These caps are replica's of American and Japanese baseball teams throughout the 1920's-1940's.

All caps have satin lining and cotton sweat bands which make them super comfortable.

Check out the full range of styles we have available here





August 07, 2013

Smalltime presents Tim heads 'MAXIMUM RESPECT'

Small time books presents a new zine publication by  London artist Tim Head. 

The zine is a "visual transmission of the UK pirate radio scene throughout 1991-200"

The original collage artwork from the zine will be hanging in the store until the end of august.

Zines are available for $20.

Come by and check it out.


August 06, 2013

Winter Online sale starts today...

We have a sale running for one week in our online store winter jackets heavily reduced plus a bunch of other bargains to be had.


All sale products are available instore as well...

July 23, 2013

Grand scheme winter range

The 2013 winter range from grand scheme is in and looking primo.

We currently have a range of shirts,jackets and crew necks available in the shop.

There is a strong fela kuti inspired vibe throughout the range.

Check these images.


July 18, 2013


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